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 Hackers can fraud online using your WhatsApp and they can withdraw money from a bank account or eWallet. But while using WhatsApp, some things are kept in mind, then you can easily avoid online banking fraud.

WhatsApp can cause online bank fraud, special tips and tricks to avoid

There is no better app than WhatsApp for instant messaging or sharing any video. But sometimes WhatsApp can also be caused by online fraud or someone can hack your bank account or eWallet account. If you take care of some things while using WhatsApp, your bank accounts will not be hacked. If an unknown person contacts you, do not reply to him. 

Apart from this, if an unknown person shares a link to you, do not open it. Never share your bank details with anyone. If someone asks for a debit card, credit card PIN, and Internet banking password, never share it. If a media file has come from a new number, never download it. 

There may be a virus in that file that can hack your account. Disable auto-download on your phone. Go to the settings of WhatsApp and change the settings by going to data and storage usage. This will not automatically download any file. Do not share any small or big cash transactions whether done with a bank account or the OTP that comes in the phone for the wallet. 

If you lose your phone, first activate WhatsApp. For this, you can email support@whatsapp.com or login to WhatsApp from another phone and then delete or deactivate WhatsApp. After changing the phone, first, go to the settings of the phone and delete all the data of the phone and reset it to the factory version so that your information is safe. 

Avoid using unknown or public Wi-Fi, this increases the chances of hacking. Many times hackers can hack your phone online with Wi-Fi.

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