At present, the entire world is battling the coronavirus epidemic. The work of finding treatment to fight the coronavirus is going on in different countries of the world. 

Scientists gave advice in Corona, keep this in mind when making a relationship

Despite this, the lockdown is slowly being relaxed in many countries. If a couple leaves this fear that there will be no corona, it is not so. According to him, scientists from Harvard University have given some advice to protect themselves from the coronavirus during a couple of sex. 

According to the information, the first thing is that to avoid corona, avoid a couple of sex because there were cases that Corona infection was somewhat threatened by sex. Researchers from Harvard University, who have studied, have suggested that couples should avoid doing and wearing masks during sex. 

They have also suggested that couples would be better off taking a bath after sex. If someone is coming out of the house, then sex with that person can promote corona infection more because it comes under the high-risk category.

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