Reliance Industries has made history in the domestic stock market on Thursday. The company's market cap has reached a level of Rs 15.25 lakh crore. Reliance is the only company in India to reach this level. It is followed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which has a market cap of about Rs 8.76 lakh crore.

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Reliance created history: In the last 60 days, the company's market cap has increased by an average of Rs 7300 crore daily,

This year, many big companies across the world have invested in different ventures of Reliance Industries. This includes big names like Facebook, Google, Silver Lake. Earlier, the company's market cap had crossed Rs 11 lakh crore on June 18 this year.

Increase in market cap

Let us know that in the year 2020, the market cap of the company has increased by more than Rs 5.14 lakh crore. The market cap of TCS increased by less than Rs 73.44 thousand crores this year. Earlier, the company's market cap had crossed 150 billion dollars (11 lakh crore rupees) on 18 June this year. The company's market cap has increased by an average of Rs 7300 crore daily in the last 60. Right now Reliance Industries is the 46th most valuable company in the world.

Released the right issue for the first time in three decades

The total market cap includes the share of Reliance's share as well as the partial paid right issue. Let me tell you that for the first time in three decades, debt-free Reliance issued the right issue at a price of Rs 1257 this year. The issue was listed on the market on 15 June. On September 10, Reliance Industries shares on BSE closed their all-time high at 2,344.95, and Reliance PP shares rose 10 percent to 1394.55.

Silver Lake Partners invests in Reliance Retail

Tech investor company Silver Lake Partners on Wednesday announced an investment of Rs 7500 crore in Reliance Retail. In lieu of this investment, Silver Lake will get a 1.75% stake in Reliance Retail. Earlier, Silver Lake also invested in Reliance's tech company Jio Platform. The company has so far invested Rs 10,200 crore in Reliance Jio.

Future Group and Reliance Retail Ventures Limited Deal

Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd (RRVL), a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, is going to acquire the retail and wholesale business and logistics and warehousing business of Future Group. This will give Reliance access to over 1,800 stores of Future Group's Big Bazaar, EGDAY, and FBB, spread across 420 cities in the country. This deal has been finalized in 24713 crores.

Facebook invests in life

In April, social media giant Facebook invested $ 5.7 billion (Rs 41,814 crore) to buy a 10 percent stake in Reliance Industries group company Jio Platform Limited. The company is also in talks with Saudi Aramco to sell a 20 percent stake in its oil to chemical business.

A Bloomberg report says that Reliance Industries has offered Amazon to buy a 40% stake in its Reliance retail business. That is, if this deal happens, Reliance can give 40% of its retail subsidiaries to Amazon.

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