When the children asked who is the best cook at home, Akshay- Twinkle gave this funny answer

When a child asked Akshay and Twinkle who is the best cook in your house, Akshay looked at Twinkle in a very funny way and said- 'I don't think you would like to answer this question, it is for me is. It can't even make an omelet. Akshay had said so much that Twinkle said in the fun that- 'Akshay is a very good cook. 

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Photo Source: ABP news

They know how to roast my brain, how to boil my blood. But if you really want to know about the best cook in our family, then it is our son Aarav who makes everything from Rajma rice to pizza very tasty. On this talk of Twinkle, Akshay also said - 'Yes Aarav is the best cook and I am the second-best cook and she can only cook.

Post Souce: Abp news

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