The corona virus is killing people all over the world. Much more or less. The first victim of Corona was in Wuhan, China. Then this virus created panic in Italy. Heaped dead bodies. By the end of March, 11 percent of the people infected with the virus had died in Italy. At the same time, this virus also spread in Italy's neighboring country Germany.

Why there are differences in death toll in different countries - corona virus

But the death toll here was quite small. Only one percent of the total infected people died. In China, where the outbreak of the virus started spreading, there were four percent of the total people who died. While Israel has the lowest percentage of corona virus infection i.e. 0.35 percent.

Like the corona virus, the mystery of this discrepancy between the statistics of death in different countries is beyond comprehension at the moment. If the number of people dying in the same country starts picking up, then there is a sudden decrease. After all, what is the matter? Are we making a mistake in estimating the death toll? Or is it because of the corona investigation?

What is the final death rate? Actually there are two types of mortality. At this time, people who are dying after coming to Corona positive, it is called "case fatality rate" in English. At the same time, people who are dying after infection spreads, it is called "infection fatality rate". Think of it this way. Suppose 100 people are suffering from corona. The condition of 10 of them is so bad that they are taken to the hospital, where they are all corona positive.

The remaining 90 people are not tested at all. Now one of the patients who has been brought to the hospital dies, while 99 people are saved. This gives us an idea of ​​the 'case intensity rate', which is one in 10. But the 'infection fability rate' will be just one or one percent in 100.

Some countries are testing only those patients whose condition is worse. And, he is being taken to the hospital. In which the symptoms are seen, they are not being investigated yet. As is currently being done in the UK. That is why the death rate in such countries is higher than in those countries where corona is being investigated on a large scale. As in Germany and South Korea.

Even in the absence of test kits, the corona is not being tested on a large scale in most countries of the world. That is why the figures of death from all over the world cannot be guessed correctly. If there is a large-scale investigation of both infected and positive patients, then only the mortality rate will be accurately estimated.

After the confirmation of the first corona infected patient in the village 'Vo' of Italy, 3300 people from the whole village were tested. On getting the report, it was found that 3 percent population of the village has already been infected. However, the symptoms are not visible in anyone.

This figure may be slightly lower, because there will be many people in whom, if the symptoms are not equal, then they have not been investigated. But it can be assumed that one percent population of Iceland i.e. 3650 people are infected with Corona virus.

Antibody tests give an idea of ​​the body's immunity to the virus. Also know which person has the infection. But there is a need for such tests, which can find out which person has increased their immunity to the virus, and can recover and live life without the virus. After two weeks in the village of Italy, the process of investigation was stopped. There are only two Kovid-19 patients in Iceland so far.

There is another reason for the difference in death figures. At this time, if someone has died due to some respiratory disease, then that too is considered to be Kovid-19's death. As we are seeing in the UK. Here, if someone has been investigated corona and whatever the reason is for the death, it is counted only in the death of Kovid-19.

Similar is the case in Germany and Hong Kong. But this thing is being taken care of in America. Here the doctors are instructed to give full details of the death of the sick in the death certificate. But at present, as many deaths are occurring and they have symptoms of corona, they are considered to be deaths from corona. The more deaths registered under Kovid-19, the foundation of this epidemic will be estimated on the basis of that.
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