Bhopal: In view of the spread of corona in Madhya Pradesh, the government will take special precautions in the purchase of wheat from April 15. Farmers will have to undergo a health checkup before bringing their produce brought to the procurement centers. Employees posted at the center will measure the temperature with the contact lens thermometer of the farmer. He will get inside only when the temperature is normal.

Wheat purchased in Madhya Pradesh from April 15, farmers will be investigated at the center

Before this, hands will also be washed with soap. Not only this, the employees, who remain inside the center, the hammal and the tulawati, must also wear masks and other necessary precautions to prevent corona infection.

Purchases will start except Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain

After the harvesting of wheat in most parts of the state, the state government has decided to start the procurement from April 15 at the minimum support price in view of the farmers' concern about the yield. Except the procurement centers of the urban areas of Bhopal, Indore and Ujjain, everything else would have been purchased. Special distance will be taken care of physically due to corona infection.

The Cooperatives Department has instructed all Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperatives to purchase contact lens thermometers. This should measure the temperature of the employees, hammal, weed and farmers, to confirm that they do not have fever. In case of normal temperature, the farmer will be allowed to take the produce to the procurement center. Along with this, sanitizer will also have to be kept at the center.

Soaps will also be kept in sufficient quantity so that hands can be washed every two hours. Masks will be mandatory for everyone. If there is no mask, the entire face should be covered with a pot. After the work is over, the workers engaged in the purchase, the worker will be asked to change clothes and take a bath before entering the house.

The staff involved in the purchase will be tested for health

Principal Secretary Cooperative Umakant Umrao has written a letter to all the collectors, that the health of all the workers and laborers engaged in the procurement work should be checked first. The services of any worker or laborer should not be taken without investigation. Each center will have between 30 and 80 employees and workers. Farmers will also come in large numbers, so extensive arrangements and publicity should be made to prevent corona infection.

They also have to be followed

  • Wash hands with soap before starting work and every two hours.
  • No more than two people will be able to sit in any vehicle.
  • The temperature will be taken from the contact lens thermometer of the farmer.
  • Farmers, laborers and farmers with cold, cough or fever will neither be given work nor allowed to remain in the center.

Committees expenses increased by 10 thousand rupees

Sources say that the cost of the committees will increase by ten thousand rupees due to the steps being taken to prevent infection of corona. The thermometer with contact lens is coming from Rs. 3 thousand to Rs. 10,000. The five liter sanitizer is coming for Rs 1400. The department has made available the contact numbers of the suppliers to the committees and said that they should talk and purchase directly. The Cooperative Department has asked the collectors to make masks, sanitizers etc. materials available at procurement centers.
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