Trump said that the WHO has also failed to do basic work to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Trump alleged that when the corona virus infection started from China, this UN organization failed to handle it and kept hiding the real picture.

US President Trump closed WHO fund
US President Trump closed WHO fund

Trump said the WHO's accountability should be fixed. Earlier, Trump had given the WHO a Chinese status. America is badly hit by the Corona virus. So far, more than 25 thousand people have lost their lives and 592,743 people are infected. President Trump has been criticized that he did not do well to stop the epidemic within the country.

America funds the WHO the most. Last year, the US gave $ 400 million fund to the WHO. Speaking in the Rose Garden of the White House, Trump said that he is working to make everything normal in the country. Trump said, "I will talk to all 50 governors soon." All the governors of all states will be given the responsibility to work on the plan.

Trump said that the role of WHO in preventing the infection of corona virus will be reviewed. When the corona virus epidemic spread throughout the world, Trump decided to stop the WHO fund. Earlier, Trump had also questioned the funds being given to the United Nations and also separated the US from the Global Climate Agreement. The World Trade Organization has also been targeted by Trump.

Trump said that the US gives 40 to 500 million dollars to the WHO every year, while China gives only 40 million dollars. The US President said that if the WHO had gone to China and seen the situation on the ground and had told about the transparency there, it would never have been as terrible as it is now.
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