Emraan Hashmi is an Indian film actor who mainly works in Hindi films. He is known for his bold style in films and this is why he has got the title of 'serial kisser' in the film industry. The songs of his films are very effective and easily reach the people's tongue, people of his songs are very crazy.

Emraan Hashmi was born on 24 March 1979 in a Muslim family in Mumbai, his father's name is Anwar Hashmi and mother's name is Mahira Hashmi. Her cousins ​​are Mohit Suri, Alia Bhatt, and Pooja Bhatt who worked in films with her.

Story of actor Emraan Hashmi (Biography)
Story of actor Emraan Hashmi (Biography) 

Emraan's film career started with Vikram Bhatt's film 'Footpath'. Imran's performance in this film was highly appreciated by the critics, after which he worked in many small films. Most of his films have been above average and he also got a lot of love from the audience. 
Emraan has acted in films like Murder, Gangster, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, The Dirty Picture, Jannat 2 etc. Hashmi has been honored with the Filmfare Award 3 times for outstanding acting in films.

More short Details of Emraan Hashmi

Full name - Emraan Hashmi
Born - 1979-03-24
Gender - Male
Nationality - Indian
Spouse(Sex) - Male
Height - 1.73 m
Residence - Mumbai
Religion - Muslim
Occupation - Actor
Parent(s) - Anwar Hashmi, Maherah Hashmi
Spouse - Parveen Shahani
studies -  Hashmi did her schooling from Jamna Bai Narsi School, after which she did her college from Sydenham College, Mumbai and Mumbai University.
wedding - Imran married Parveen Sahni in 2006.
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