Lock down will increase : Yes, till May 3, the lock down will increase, PM Modi announced that every Kashmir and police station area will be evaluated by April 20, if control is given, then there will be some exemption, if the corona patients grow then another decision will be taken.

Take care of the elders of your home who have a chronic illness. Follow up the down-social distancing. The competent people help the poor. Corona Barriers Doctor Self Respecting police personnel should be completely different - follow the Laxman Rekha of lockdown and social distancing, use home made face cover or mask compulsorily: PM Modi

Lock down will increase till 3 May, PM Modi announced
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First thing - take special care of the elders of your home, especially those who have chronic illness, we have to take extra care of them, they should be protected from corona very much: PM Modi

We will keep patience, follow the rules and we will be able to defeat the epidemic like Corona. In the end with this belief, today I am seeking your support in 7 things.

Today, India may have limited resources, but I have a special request to the young scientists of India to come forward for the welfare of the world, for human welfare, to make Corona vaccine.

Therefore, neither do any negligence nor let anyone else be negligent. Tomorrow, a detailed guideline will be issued by the government in this regard: PM Modi

We will keep patience, follow the rules and we will be able to defeat the epidemic like Corona. In the end with the same belief, I am seeking your support in 7 things today. Areas that will be successful in this ordeal, which will not be in the hotspot, and whose chances of changing into the hotspot will be less, there will be some urgent from April 20 Activities may be permitted

That is, till May 3, all of us will have to remain in lockdown. During this time, we have to follow the discipline in the same way as we have been doing.

Everyone suggests that the lockdown be increased. Many states have already decided to increase the lockdown. Friends, keeping in mind all the suggestions, it has been decided that the lockdown in India will now have to be increased till May 3: PM Modi

In this time of lockdown, the manner in which the people of the country are following the rules and staying in their homes with restraint and celebrating the festival is very admirable: PM Modi, I know how much trouble you have faced. 

Some people have trouble eating, some have trouble moving and some are away from home. PM Modi congratulated and congratulated everyone for the festivals and New Year in different parts of the country.
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