Irrfan Khan was handed over to the cemetery in Versova, Mumbai. On this occasion only a select few could stay with him in his last visit.
Photo Credit : ABP News

Irfan Khan was handed over to the cemetery in Versova, Mumbai

New Delhi: Irfan Khan no longer stands at the forefront of the great actors of Hindi cinema. She breathed her last at around 11 am on Wednesday morning at the Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai at the age of 54 and thus lost a unique star in Indian cinema. Irrfan left everyone at a time when his millions of fans, even his family, could not give him the farewell he deserved.

Irfan Khan was handed over to the cemetery in Versova, Mumbai. On this occasion only a select few could stay with him in his last visit. Irfan has a house in Mumbai. He has a wife, Sutapa Sinkadar, and two sons, but Corona's havoc leads to a nationwide lockout. It was for this reason that the doctors advised him that his last journey from the hospital should begin and the same happened.

Irrfan made many films memorable with his acting in his 32-year film career. He must have been around 21 years of age when he acted in the film A Salaam Bombay, directed by Meera Nair. The thin-skinned young Irrfan played a very minor character in the first film, but who knew that this boy would one day spread the magic of his films in many countries including Hindi cinema. Irrfan started his film career with 'Salaam Bombay' and his last film 'English Medium' came on the big screen on 13 March 2020, 46 days before his death.

Irfan and his loved ones helplessness

Irrfan Khan was undergoing treatment for his illness for more than two years. Even after coming from London, he used to visit Kokilaben Hospital from time to time for his examination. Call it luck or Irrfan's helplessness that his mother Saeeda Begum passed away at the age of 95, but due to the lockdown, Irfan could not even sit and saw his last death. Could not go to them. Could not give shout to his illusion. However, it was said that Irfan gave the mother a final farewell via video call.

Photo credit: ABP News
The same situation is with Irfan's close ones and thousands of his fans. Even after hearing the news of the death, no one could attend his funeral. People want Irfan's mausoleum to be filled with soil every time he pours mud, but it is not possible, it is an illness that will remain in the hearts of those close to him.

What disease were you suffering from?

Irrfan Khan was battling a disease called 'neuroendocrine tumor'. The disease is extremely rare and occurs in very few people in the world. Media reports have said that why this disease occurs is not yet known. On 5 March 2018, Irrfan told all his loved ones via Instagram that he is suffering from a serious illness and is going abroad for treatment. Later, to end speculation about the disease, he shared another post and revealed that he is suffering from a disease called 'neuroendocrine tumor'.

An official statement has been released by the family, which is very emotional, informing about the death of Irrfan Khan. "I believe, I have surrendered", the statement said. Irfan Khan often used these words. Irfan stated this in his note while fighting cancer in the year 2018. Irfan Khan used to say his words in very few words and used more eyes to talk.

Done awesome in these movies

Irrfan appeared in this way in the film, his acting was covered on the big screen. But if you look at some of his memorable films, they include Paan Singh Tomar, The Lunch Box, Hindi Medium, Piku, Hasta, Haider, Life of Pi, Caravan, Maqbool, Slumdown Millionaire and Madari. Irrfan's acting in these films was liked by all. Just as he used to make people cry, he too had the art of making them laugh easily. Vishal Bhardwaj's Hyder can be seen if he wants to see his entry on screen. In this, he played the role of Ruhadar. With his arrival, the weight of the film increases four times.
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