Friends, do you know that money can also be earned from Facebook? If you do not know, then you have come to the right post, How to Make Money On Facebook?

Friends Facebook is a social media site. And the work of this site is to account banana chatting with friends, posting videos, photos. But 10% of the 100 people do not even know that money can be earned by doing all these hats on Facebook. Friends,

if you do not know how to earn money from Facebook then it is also right from one side, because there is no option on Facebook which can earn money by clicking or doing anything. But you want to use your mind to earn monthly millions from Facebook. Just read our last post.

How to Make Money On Facebook Many Tips

How to Make Money On Facebook
How to Make Money On Facebook 

1. Sell your Facebook page

First of all, you create a page on Facebook, there are many websites on the Internet that need a Facebook page to increase traffic to their website. You can sell these people on your Facebook page.

When your page becomes like 1000 -10,000 then you can sell. To make a sale, you can place an Ad on your page to "sell me your page" and keep the price according to yourself.

If you have a problem selling Facebook page, then on Facebook itself there are many groups that make Facebook page sales. Your search "Sell and Purchase" and share your page details in that group. In a few days, many logs may be ready to take your page.

How to Make Money On Facebook

About Facebook Page

Facebook's advanced users can make money with the help of the feature. For this, you have to create a page on Facebook. You have to update your page every day. By doing this your reach will increase. When Reach grows, Facebook will scan your page on its own.

If you use Facebook too much then you will start getting advertisements on the page, through which you can earn money. How much money you can earn from Facebook depends on your Facebook usage and your page reach.

2. Promote Affiliate Products

In today's time, affiliate marketing is considered the best way to do business, you can earn a lot of money in it. To do affiliate marketing, you have to connect with a product selling company, run by Exam Mann, which sells products online. In this, create affiliate marketing account and get its product sold, this will give you company commendation. Just like someone will take your page through product, it just became your commission.

In this type of market, you sell the goods of another company to your customers.

For example, suppose that a company is A.

Company A has to sell its product to customer C.

During this time, she sells goods by placing B in the middle.

Where B gets a fixed percentage commission.

This will give you a fixed percentage of the sales amount of the product sold.

3. Even without creating a website

You can earn money by make a website. When you have your own website, then share your articles in your page and increase the traffic of your website. As much as visitors will come from your Facebook page and you will get clicks in the ads that you use on your website.

4. Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook launched the Facebook Instant Articles feature on 12 May 2015. Initially, these features were available only on some official pages. But now it is available for all Facebook pages and anyone can do it. Earlier it used to work only in ios application, but now it has started working in all android mobile or any publisher can add it to their Facebook page. And you can easily earn money for more information about this, click on the link below.

5. By selling your page Post

Every website needs more and more visitors, many such websites spend money to get traffic. So that they have more page views on their website. You can share the link of these website posts on your page. So that traffic goes to their website through your page, for this you can take money. Meaning that you share the link of the website of other people on your page and take money from the website owner. If you are wondering how to find such a website? So these are very easy. Click on the link below This is a website where by register you can earn money by sharing the website of other people on your Facebook page. You open the website and click Login with Facebook. After this, you submit your page to this website. After this, you can easily sell your post. There are a lot of people like you on this website who make a lot of money by selling their Facebook page post. You register on this website and fill the information of your page and your work starts.

6. Promote your own business on Facebook Advertise Your business On Facebook

By promoting your own business on Facebook, your business can be increased.It is important to note that if you create a page or group related to your business on Facebook and then continue promotion on it, then you can further your business.

7. Write content for Facebook Create Facebook Content

If you write good and attractive, then you can earn money by writing on Facebook.

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