How long does the Kovid-19 patient need to recover? The answer to this question depends on the severity of the disease. In addition, age, sex, and health of the patient are also important factors. At the same time, better treatment facilities available to the patient also affect the likelihood of his / her early recovery.

How long does the patient take to recover from Kovid-19 disease?
How long does the patient take to recover from Kovid-19 disease?

Symptoms of corona virus infection can be cough, high fever, body discomfort, fatigue, sore throat and headache. Sufferers with fewer symptoms recover more quickly. Since the fever ceases in less than a week. But the cough may persist for some more time.

Based on information received from China, the World Health Organization said that it may take two weeks to recover from the disease. In some people, the disease becomes dangerous. It occurs after 7-10 days due to infection. Due to which there is difficulty in breathing, there is swelling of lungs. This happens when the body's resistance is trying to fight the virus. Even some people get hospitalized for more oxygen.

Physicians say it can take 2-8 weeks to get rid of respiratory problems. The World Health Organization says that one in 20 patients with the corona virus have to go to the ICU for treatment. It takes some time to get any disease out of there. Patients are sent from the ICU to the General Ward before being sent home. It may take 12–18 months for the ICU to fully recover.

However, ICU timing is difficult to determine. Some people spend less time while some people have to stay on ventilator for several weeks. Information from China and Italy has revealed that the body becomes weak after being healthy. The person faces difficulty in breathing and breathing. Apart from this, there are also complaints of excess of sleep.
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