On Friday, when South Korean President Moon Jae arrived to cast these votes, he was wearing a mask. He was not allowed to vote until his temperature was taken. He washed his hands and then wore plastic gloves before casting his vote.

Election is being held in South Korea among Corona virus
Election is being held in South Korea among Corona virus

South Korea is the first country in the world where parliamentary elections are being held after the outbreak of the corona virus. As soon as people reach to vote, their temperature is taken. If their temperature exceeds 99.5 degrees, then they are taken to the second place to cast their vote. His corona is tested and the polling station is disinfected.

While elections in South Korea are to be held on April 15, there has been a tradition of voting before 2013 to allow those who do not have voting to vote on the day of voting for any reason. For this, 3500 polling booths have been specially created. Some analysts were of the opinion that this time due to Corona the voting percentage will fall.

But this is exactly the opposite. Out of the total valid voters, 26.7 percent have voted, which is more than double of the 2016 elections. In the then elections, only 12.2 percent people participated in the initial voting.
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