Burning of bodies in Sri Lanka mandatory on death of Corona virus, Muslims upset : In Sri Lanka, the funerals of those who die of Corona virus infection will be burnt, irrespective of the religion of the person. The Sri Lankan government has made this decision, ignoring the opposition of minority Muslims.

Burning of bodies in Sri Lanka mandatory on death of Corona virus, Muslims upset

According to the news agency AFP, seven people have died in Sri Lanka so far due to corona virus infection and three of them were Muslims. The bodies of these Muslims were also burnt, while their relatives were not ready for this.

On Sunday, Sri Lankan Health Minister Pavitra Viarachachi said, "The bodies will be burnt after death due to corona virus infection or its suspected death." Both can be burnt or buried.

So far more than 200 people have been found infected with the Corona virus in Sri Lanka. Indefinite curfew has been imposed to prevent infection in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan government's decision is being criticized on many fronts.

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Amnesty's South Asia director Biraj Patnaik said earlier this month that this is a difficult time and governments should bring all communities together and not create divisions among them.

Muslims are 10 percent of Sri Lanka's total population of 21 million. Muslim leaders of the country have accused the government of insulting the sentiments of religious and families. Tension in Muslims and majority Sinhalese population has been there since Easter last year. On Easter day last year, local extremists were accused of killing 279 people by attacking three hotels and a church.

Since then the Sinhalese attack had increased on the Muslims. Hundreds of homes and shops were set on fire. On Sunday, the Catholic Church of Sri Lanka said that they had forgiven the suicide bomber.
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